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Ultravox new album “Brilliant” 30-second clips and microsite

I couldn’t resist sharing this… it’s not my own music, but a link to 30-second clips of Ultravox’s new album, entitled “Brilliant”. It’s the band’s first studio album for over 25 years, and EMI Germany have set up a microsite specifically to promote the album. The site includes exclusive videos and competitions to win Ultravox goodies. “Brilliant” is out on 28th May, 2012, and you can pre-order it via the microsite too.

Play Ultravox “Brilliant” 30-second clips

Track Listing for “Brilliant” by Ultravox (2012):

1. “Live Again”
2. “Flow”
3. “Brilliant”
4. “The Change”
5. “Rise”
6. “Remembering”
7. “Hello”
8. “This One”
9. “Fall”
10. “Let It Lie”
11. “Satellite”
12. “Contact”

Visit Ultravox Brilliant microsite – ultravoxbrilliant.com

Visit the official Ultravox website – ultravox.org.uk

Ultravox – Brilliant (new single fan video)

One of my favourite bands of all time, Ultravox, are releasing their first album in nearly 30 years. The album is called “Brilliant” and is out on EMI on28th May. Here is the title track, which is due out soon, accompanied by quite a clever unofficial fan video. I’ll post the official video when it’s out. The song was recorded from the Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2. Links to buy the album and for the official Ultravox website/Facebook pages are there too. The album is already Number 1 in the Amazon UK pre-release chart!

The video is embedded via Vodpod (more about how I did that in the next post).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Buy” links for Ultravox – Brilliant

Official Ultravox website

Official Ultravox Facebook page

Vote Now

Labour? Conservative? LibDems? Nah!!! Vote Ultravox Vienna for Number 1 this week! The campaign to get Ultravox’s Vienna to Number 1 in the UK singles chart enters its final week. The song spent 4 weeks at Number 2 in 1981, beaten only by John Lennon’s Imagine and Joe Dolce’s Shaddup yer face! So why not get more information here on the official Ultravox website, or go ahead and download the song from Amazon UK or Nokia Music (register as UK-based)

If Rage Against the Machine can do it, so can Ultravox.

Vote Ultravox in 2010.