Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum (Manchester)


I’m taking part in the second Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum (Manchester), this coming Saturday April 15th, 2017. I’ll being playing two of my songs live – one old one and one new. The old one is Half Past One, which was one of the demo tracks of the month in Future Music magazine a few years ago. The new one is as yet untitled.

The open mic night is at Fuel Cafe Bar on Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester, and starts at 7pm. There’ll be loads of great unknown and unsigned bands and solo artists there, so head on over and lend your support!

About the Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum

Started and run by spoken word and electronic music-maker, Martin Christie, aka Poet and the Loops, in early 2017, the Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum is the world’s first open mic night and forum purely focusing on music produced by electronic and digital means, including laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, iPads, modular synths, keyboards, analogue and digital devices of all kinds. The first night was held in Manchester, and has since gone on to Sheffield, then back to Manchester, and is due to go to Huddersfield, Leeds, Bristol, and London.

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Winner of Star Letter, Music Tech Magazine October 2007

I’ve tried to write about music-related things recently (when I’ve actually had time to get on the computer!), as that’s what my main interest is. I struggle as a bedroom (or rather, lounge – as in where the tv, sofa, children, wife, etc. live) musician, hoping that my tunes will make it onto some tv or movie blockbuster, so I can invest in some better recording equipment. That may not happen for a while or a long time, so the only way I can seriously get some decent gear is to either steal it (no way), borrow it (who from?), or win it. Which brings me nicely onto the fact that I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago on the new Music Tech Magazine Ning community, saying what a great place the site is. Then a few days ago, I got an email from the site admin people, saying they’d used my blog post in the latest edition of the magazine and I’d won the prize for “Star Letter.” Talk about chuffed. My ramblings published in a major music tech magazine, and winner of Letter of the Month. The prize? A “Rode” studio microphone, complete with all the trimmings. Not bad, eh.

If you’re into music production, music technology, or anything like that, get yourself over to Music Tech Ning and join in….