Kids making electronic music 2

Following on from my previous post about how I started making music with various bits and pieces of old radios and things, I posted a comment on Createdigitalmusic’s website about all it in an article about Kids making electronic music between the 60s and the 80s. I also I put in a link to “This is the Mood….”, the track I made in the mid-80s using just a Jen SX1000, Casio MT31, and a Kay Drum Machine. I was really surprised to get a reply. I maybe expected maybe a “hmmm”, or “well, it WAS the 80’s”. The reply came from the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher himself, Peter Kirn: “Excellent. Totally excellent”.

I’m convinced there’s something in some of these old tracks of mine – maybe I have a plan….

Have a look at the original article on Createdigitalmusic, with all the comments:

Kids making electronic music