Catching up

First, a few changes/updates I’ve made to this blog:

– I’ve reverted to the “everything’s gone green” theme from last year (see why below).
– Most of my old songs and tunes are now available as free direct downloads in my Music page.
– I’ve reorganised my links on the blogroll-type list, and included some new friends.

Still more changes to be made though…

Too much time on Twitter recently has left me little time for my proper blog here on WordPress, and even less time for changing the homepage at I realised the other week that the link on the homepage still pointed to my blog entry about my Rude Mechanicals remix being released last October. I guess it was still relevant at the moment, but now it’s coming out on the Pitch Black remix CD at the end of April, I need to update it. Cue redesign in Dreamweaver! I’m trying to tie in the design of the homepage to my photo of Talacre Beach that people have commented on, along with this wordpress blog. Vincesapplemac (Vince Elgey), one of my twitter friends, keeps telling me to go the self-hosting route and install a blog so I can change the theme to something more individual than the themes.  Maybe he’s right, but I need to get organised first! In the meantime, I’ll probably add a couple of pages to mistrustmusic, including links to all my music.

Other recent news/updates

Henry in New Zealand, who is definitely my number one fan, is still plugging my Rude Mechanicals remix! Can’t thank him enough.

I’ve made quite a few new friends on Twitter – as I mentioned earlier, so hello to everyone on there. I’ve also invented  a couple of new categories  on there: #fickletwittering and #unfollowed. If you’re a twitterer, have a look for them to discover what they mean! If not, all will be explained in my next post on here. 

I’m going to see Ultravox in concert next week, and getting very excited about it! For those who don’t know them, they were big in the 1980s, and have just reformed for a one-off tour. I’ll hopefully be twittering from there and post some photos up in twitpic. The last time I saw Ultravox (in 1984), they were using a lot of pre-MIDI equipment, things like the ARP Odyssey and Yamaha CS80, so it will be interesting to see  how they recreate the songs using things like the MacBook Pro… (Follow them on Twitter!)

I’ve sent Animat some video clips I took of them performing the live score of Tuvalu in Leeds a few weeks ago. Some of the clips are very dark, but they may put some on Youtube

My songs on MusicFreedom have disappeared, in fact has disappeared!

Paul, my 16 y.o. stepson with Autism, is still out of school, however he’s visiting a special school for an hour or two twice a week, which is progress…

Really need to publish more updates on here!

By the way – the photo of the tree is one I took on my new Sony Ericsson phone.