Soundcloud Copyright Disputes Part 2

In case you missed Part 1, the following is part of a conversation I had with the Soundcloud Copyright Team about a dispute over one of my “official” remixes…..


Hi Copyright Team
Thanks for your reply. I’d guessed it may be some sort of automated system that ID’s content. However, I’m concerned that it just seems to be comparing something like “artist name / song title” and coming up with a possible breach of copyright. In which case, I’ll probably be getting a few more emails from you for my other legitimate official remixes, and so will everyone else who has ever done a remix, a DJ mix, official or otherwise. I’ve also heard of other artists using legitimate acapellas for their own tracks and getting dispute notices.  You’re surely going to get a lot of annoyed label owners, publishers, etc., who’ll have to take the time to reply when you contact them to confirm that someone’s official remix is actually official.

As for my own claim to which you refer – I’m confused, as the latest one (xxxxxxx) hasn’t been settled in the disputes page (“Your feedback is currently being reviewed.”) but is actually live on Soundcloud.

Finally, as for the additional step for uploading my sounds, the remixes concerned have been up for more than a year, so I hope you’re catching up with everyone else’s tracks, especially the ones who appear in my dashboard as uploading a new remix of a Beyonce song or something, which is certainly not an official version!


Their reply….

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing back. These are definitely all concerns that we are focusing on, and we thank you for your feedback about the matter. Please understand that we must have a relatively strict copyright protection system in place in order to operate legally. With that being said, please know that we are always working on improving this system so that it is less painful for all of our users while also reassuring to rights holders that their content is being protected.

Thanks again for the feedback though, and I hope that it isn’t too much of a hassle to dispute your uploaded tracks with a quick explanation of how you own the copyright. We would always be happy to review these quickly and get your tracks back to you.

Thanks again for writing in, and feel free to get in touch anytime in the future.


SoundCloud Copyright Team

I don’t know what the answer is regarding Soundcloud and copyright, but I’m surprised that none of the major record labels hasn’t come chasing them for hosting so many unofficial remixes that quite obviously contain copyright material.  How long is it going to take them to find every single one of them and issue a dispute? That’s just for remixes. Don’t get me started on mixtapes…..

In case you missed it, here’s Soundcloud Copyright Disputes Part 1

And here’s one of the offending remixes…

Guitar Hero and the great untalented

I’ve so far managed to avoid all the fuss surrounding Activision’s Guitar Hero video game that’s taking the world by storm. I’m not really a fan of video games and consoles such as Playstation 3 and XBox, and never have been, and I’d much rather use a computer for either searching on the web or making music. Could never see the excitement or the fun of things like computer games, and even when I had a Spectrum ZX81 when I was a teenager, I tried to learn how to PEEK and POKE it, rather than play games on it. Even had a Commodorer 64 and an Amiga, and used them for making music. However, I’ve suddenly seen the light and think that Guitar Hero 3 is just great. Paul (my stepson) got the demo on a PS3 magazine disc the other day and immediately took to it. Even though he had to use his Sixaxis controller, he loved it. The next morning, he wanted the real mccoy. Paul being Paul, with his impulsive nature (he’s got Autism) desperately wanted the full version, complete with the guitar.

Fast Forward to 9.30pm and a trip to the Trafford Centre,  we found what he was looking for, and traded in a few of his other games to get it. We got home, and Paul thought it was great. I spent ages afterwards just watching him getting hooked and thinking I could do that. I had my first go of it last night, and just wanted to stay on it. It’s a great thing for someone like me who tried to learn the guitar (a real one, with strings) years ago but never had the co-ordination or the ability to play a proper tune.  Now I can play the lead on Anarchy in the UK or Walk this Way without looking a fool if I get it wrong. Paul’s been trying to learn the guitar himself, but hasn’t got much idea of a what makes a good tune. Paul, being Paul tends to give up because of stuff like that. Now he has Guitar Hero, he can learn more about how a song is made and maybe get back to playing the real thing.

I used to think the same as John Mayer – via Rolling Stone magazine – that things like Guitar Hero are  “making it easy for untalented people to pretend they are good at playing the instrument”. just another excuse for people to sit at home and think they were become proper musicians. After seeing how Paul has taken an interest in it, I really think it’s a good thing.

My only wish now is that someone will come up with something like “Synth Hero” for eighties throwbacks like me!

All the world’s an MP3 stage

I’ve been thinking about the number of music hosting sites and MP3 directories that I have my music on. Most of them are free-to-download places where people can just have my tracks for nothing. I started off in late 2004 by choosing just one site –, which is now no more, just because I lacked confidence about my music and it seemed like a good place to start when I’d never even considered putting my music out to the public. In fact, even though Electromancer closed down last year, a lot of the artists are still active on the forums of another site, Nervejam, and are still as friendly and supportive as ever.

I got a bit more confident after getting some great reviews, thinking that more people might give me a listen, so I followed links and recommendations about other hosting sites, signed up to 2 or 3, and waited for the plays to roll in. Then I started chasing more sites and more plays, until I had tracks on about 1o or 15 sites. I’ve now lost track (and usernames/passwords) of most of those sites, and still get the occasional email from them, saying someone has posted a comment. A quick check on google as to which sites I’m on offers up 94 links for “mistrust music site” and 30 for “never alone mistrust” (my first track from 2004).

I still see the same old faces on all these hosting sites,

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Looking for music blogs

I can’t seem to find many musicians who are blogging. Maybe everyone’s too busy making music or playing live to keep a diary or blog of what they’re upto. What’s the point in blogging anyway, you may say. If you’re a musician, unsigned or not, please post a link to your blog and I’ll have a read and see what you’re upto. I’ll even add you the my “recommended” list. I know that Moby blogs on his myspace page, that’s about it as far as I know. I blog so that I can a) promote my own music to people who wouldn’t normally listen to it; b) let my “fans” and other listeners know what I’m upto with my music; c) help other unsigned musicians get some extra exposure. If you’re not blogging or using Web 2.0 tools and all the latest social networking sites, you’re missing out on a lot of exposure. Even my stepson has a blog about his music.

So, as I said, please let me know if you’ve got a blog, or if you know of any musical bloggers out there.

In the meantime, here’s one of my new tracks for you to download for free….

mistrust: Say your name (glitchmix)……