Banco de Gaia – All Sleeping (mistrust remix)

Here’s my remix for Banco de Gaia’s All Sleeping EP – out now on Disco Gecko Recordings via Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes etc. Here’s what the man himself has to say about the EP…

“It seems only fitting that as summer slips into fall, I release this ode to rest and relaxation.

The ‘All Sleeping’ EP features the original track, which is blessed with flutes from Tim Wheater and violas from Patrick Dunn, plus three additional remixes.

The high priests of Sacred Bass, Desert Dwellers, provide a jittery yet soothing mix, while Mistrust’s electronica musings darken the original mood. Finally Hibernation lifts us back into a sweet space with a solid downtempo mix, sealed by the additional bass.”

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A “proper” release at last

It’s taken me long enough (how long have I been making music?), but I’m finally getting an “official” release – as in, on a proper label, legit, and I’ll getting a % of sales, licensing, etc. I’ve done a remix of a track called “Rude Mechanicals” by a New Zealand band called Pitch Black (dub/electronica/IDM stuff), which is being released on their label at the end of October on all the main music download sites round the world (iTunes, Beatport,, etc.) It’s part of a remix singles release along with versions by some well-know remixers and DJs from Australia and NZ. I know people do remixes all the time, but this is an official one – I got all the parts from the band’s management, they and the band approved it, and it’s being properly mastered this week. Took me a long time to get it sorted into something that sounded ok and did loads of different takes on it, but finally finished it last week, 2 days before the deadline!

I know it’s not quite all my own work, but I’m chuffed to bits. Not really bothered about the money (what’s 50% of 99p per sale?), but it means a lot of exposure and maybe some more work as a remixer!

I’ve mentioned the Pitch Black remix earlier in my blog…..