Make a radio edit to get airplay

Never Let You Go

I’ve previously released a new song on Spotify and other streaming platforms. It’s called “Never Let You Go” and is the first time I’ve sung on one of my tracks for years and years!

I sent the song to a few online radio stations and online DJs but got very little feedback or promises of airplay. I also made a promo video for the song which got a few plays. I then got a lucky break when Neil March of Trust the Doc fame, said that he would play the video on his monthly show “Trust the Doc TV”. (You can see the show here if you missed it!)

I received some really positive comments and feedback about the song in the live chat, but the impression was that the song was maybe a bit too long to keep listeners’ attention.

Listen to Never Let You Go Alternative Version (radio edit) here:

Why have a radio edit?

Following that, I asked Neil March if he would play Never Let You Go on one of his online radio shows. He has a regular spot on Exile FM where he champions unsigned and independent musicians, but there’s a lot of competition to get played.

Neil got back to me to say that he would try to fit the song onto his playlist for the next show, but the track was a bit long so couldn’t guarantee being able to play it!

I replied that I had previously considered making a radio edit, or shortened version, of the song, which was more suitable for broadcasting. However, I hadn’t actually got round to it!

Related reading: The definition of a radio edit on Wikipedia (external link).

As I was already on the computer that I used to record the original song in the first place, I decided to have a go at editing the song to make it shorter, i.e. under three minutes! It was fairly straightforward! I removed part of the the intro, and some of the instrumental chorus bits, and also shortened the outro.

I then had a song that came in at less than three minutes! It sounded like a completely new song! Well, a less self-indulgent, and a lot easier to listen to, song!

I sent the new “cut down three-minute pop song” version of Never Let You Go, over to Neil March and he has included it in the schedule for his next show on Exile FM.

This show will be broadcast today at 8pm so please tune in to listen!

I have since submitted the new radio edit of Never Let You Go to a number of online and local radio stations and shows, where it has been added to their playlists. I’ll send out links to these shows in another blog post.

Compared to sending out a track that’s nearly five minutes long and not getting any interest, I’ve now got some interest and DJs etc. are willing to play the song!

The new radio edit of Never Let You Go will be released September 12, 2022.

Click here to pre-save it now on Spotify and Apple Music.

To avoid confusion with the original song, the radio edit is called “Never Let You Go Alternative Version”. Look out for the next blog post to see why I chose that title!

About Never Let You Go

It’s not everyday you get to work with your musical heroes! I’ve worked with Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) on a remix of his track Popcorn Slavery (under his International Observer guise) and remixed other artists and bands, including Michael Harding (ex-1000 Mexicans) and Banco de Gaia. My 15 minutes of fame came a few years ago when a remix I did for New Zealand’s Pitch Black made the top 30 indie radio airplay charts in NZ. Fast forward a few years (Now!) and I’ve gone back to my original synthpop/heartbreaker pop songs that I made before the remixes came along. This one is “Never Let You Go”. Someone recently heard it on Trust the Doc TV and said it’s “tragic”. They thought it was a memoriam to my wife but she’s very much alive and breathing!

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Lately, I’ve Been Thinking it’s a New Age

Can you hear me?

The Rain is Falling.

Lately, I’ve been thinking…..

It’s a New Age.

New Age

These are some of the lyrics from “New Age”, by Australian singer/songwriter “Rob V.” I knew Rob’s music through a family connection (we’re sort of related) and was interested to hear his new album “Illusions” when it was released in late 2020. A lockdown album, written and produced in a remote setting in Western Australia.

Rob’s from Australia. He has been been a touring musician for over 20 years, known predominately for his guitar work with 43Cambridge & lead vocals/guitar in Dig The Dust. Although he has 6 original albums under his belt, the album ‘Illusions’ is his debut solo release.

Having remixed a song by a band in Australia (Ivory Towers by Deep Fried Dub) amongst the many other official remixes I’ve done – I thought that one or two songs on “Illusions” were sonically similar to the “Mistrust” swirly, downtempo sound, and would maybe suit a “Mistrust remix”.

I contacted Rob about the idea of a remix, and we first began shooting ideas via email mid-year in 2021 and it was obvious to both of us that this was a good fit. Rob.V was keen for me to take the reigns and creatively take it to another place. I worked on the track for probably longer than I normally do on a remix, and couldn’t quiet get my ideas to fit. However, in late September, it all seemed to fit together. The result has led to what can be described by what Rob calls a “cool British dub/reggae/downbeat spin on the original moody lockdown track”.

Worldwide Release!

“Rob V – New Age (Mistrust Remix)” will have a worldwide release on November 19, 2021, on all major download platforms.

You can hear a preview of “New Age (Mistrust Remix)” – and see a promo video – at the top of this page or via my Youtube channel or watch on Rob’s channel too.

Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music

Click this link to Pre-save and add “Rob V – New Age (Mistrust Remix)” to your music library on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

“Rob V – New Age (Mistrust Remix)” will also be available on Bandcamp from November 19, 2021.

Note to Editors, Reviewers, DJs, Presenters, Radio show hosts…

Please help us to promote “Rob V – New Age (Mistrust Remix)” by playing the song on your show, giving it a review, or generally spreading the word about it! If are an music-reviiew website editor, reviewer, DJ, presenter, radio show host, please message us via the contact form (“Leave a Reply”) on this page for Bandcamp download codes and our EPK.