Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) out now

rude mechanicals_ep

My remix for Pitch Black‘s Rude Mechanicals track is out now!!!

You can get it from the following download stores now, as part of the Rude Mechanicals EP:

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – buy on iTunes

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – buy on Beatport

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – buy at

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – buy at

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) – listen now at Myspace

Please note – some of these may only let you download from the USA/Canada.

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I’m on iTunes at last

The remix I did for New Zealand dub/dance band Pitch Black is out today on iTunes and all the usual download sites (, Beatport etc). It’s one of the tunes on the band’s 6-track EP “Rude Mechanicals” and is my very first release on iTunes – in fact my very first “official” remix – so I’m feeling quite chuffed! The track has been on my music player for a while, so hopefully someone might like it on here!

Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) on iTunes
Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) on

Barack Obama didn’t review my Rude Mechanicals remix

As you’ve probably seen, Barack Obama has been doing pretty much anything these days to get the word around and get himself elected. Good luck to him. However, he’s obviously been too busy to have a listen to my remix of Pitch Black’s Rude Mechanicals, which is out on October 27th. It’s even on‘s and Dancerecord’s download sites, so don’t tell me he doesn’t go on there? Well, Mr Obama, a few people have listened to it on Myspace and Last.Fm to name some of the places the previews can be found, and so far, the reaction has been good, to say the least. It’s had over 1100 plays on my own myspace ( and over 200 on Pitch Black’s.  The reviews and heads-up have started to come in – and so far, they’re really positive. Here are some of them (with links to the original comments):

Dubmaster PHD featured the track on his blog – he gave the track a massive plug, so a big thanks to him –  and there are some comments from his subscribers –

“I love it, you have done Micheal and Paddy proud” (AOTEAROAnz)

“awesome” (kyosuke316)

“Electro-Techno goodie” (Panzerplatte)

“Cool!!” (Babyjay99)

Read more here on Dubmaster’s site….

Some more:

“really good, good quality, liked the beat” (Helix, on Di.FM forums)

“Great Tracks, Especially the Rude Mechanicals remix!” (Mahabashi, on Myspace)

If anyone comes across a review of the track anywhere, please let me know. If you listen to it yourself on myspace, last fm, or anywhere else and want to tell me what you think of it, then please leave a comment on here.


This is my first post for a while – been laid up with an ear infection. Seems like very few people get ear infections these days. Typical isn’t it. A musician almost deaf in one ear. I’ve had it for over 2 weeks, and antibiotics just won’t shift it. Back to see the GP, I think!

Rude Mechanicals remix on Myspace

Following on from my last post about my Rude Mechanicals remix being released on October 27th, I’ve just got a couple of updates about the track. It’s now on the music player on Pitch Black’s Myspace profile – in fact there are two different remixes up there: the first one is an instrumental version by Mike Hodgson (one member of Pitch Black), and the other one is the remix that I’ve done. So, you’ve got 2 Myspace profiles places you can hear the track before it’s released – mine and Pitch Black’s.

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in the “mistrust remix” so far.  The Only Michael played it in his DJ set at the BFI 75th birthday Big Weekend celebrations last weekend, and it looks like a DJ in Lithuania will play it on his alternative music radio show. Also, the track is getting quite a few plays on Myspace and some great comments around and about on the web. I’ve also put the track on my Unsigned Band Web page, where you can get a widget for my music player, plus a load of links to add to social bookmarking sites. There’s also a banner to promote the release of the Rude Mechanical remix. If you’d like to help out promoting the song, please copy the following code and paste it into your blog or website: