Music Licensing

Someone on the Big Chill forum that I occasionally visit wanted some advice about getting his music marketed through a music library and wondered if he had to sign up with MCPS and pay £100 for the privelege. As you may have read on here, I’ve recently signed a non-exclusive agreement with a major UK library, and haven’t had to register with MCPS, so something doesn’t add up if this chap has been told otherwise.

As far as I’m aware, the agreement I signed sorts out pre-clearance for my tracks that the library is offering to film, tv, companies etc. In other words, if a few tv production companies hear of one my tracks on the music library’s website and want to use it, there’s no need to wait ages for them to send me an individual agreement for each programme, for me to check them, sign them and send them back, etc, before anyone can use them.

From what I understand, the music library registers my track with MCPS (they get listed as the publisher), the production company requests a licence from MCPS website giving the catalogue number of my track, and the production company pays MCPS for the licence. MCPS (eventually) sends the licence fee (minus their admin fee) to the music library, which then pays me (minus their take – usually 50%).

If anyone else is looking for advice on signing up with a music licence in the UK, have a look here at the MCPS production music guide, which even shows you the official rate card for different types of production (anything from about £20 to £000s). The music library should be registered with MCPS – if they’re in the UK and not on this list, it’s probably not worth dealing with them.

If anyone from the USA or other countries is reading this and knows something about it in other countries, please let me know.


My stepson has PDD-NOS

I realised that I haven’t posted anything on here, so that means no readers. Probably. Or too many blogs to maintain: music, e-learning, and personal (this one). Maybe I should drop this one, as the music blog is important and so is the e-learning one. Who cares about my personal life and what goes on at home?

Paul, my stepson of nearly five years, is 14 y.o. He has PDD-NOS, which means he’s sort of on the Autistic Spectrum. He’s been having major anxiety attacks about school. He hasn’t been in school for almost four weeks, until yesterday. The first two weeks were the Easter holidays, but he was too anxious to go in. We’ve had his psychologist involved, plus the local Special Needs Advisory service, trying to get him to go back. Finally, he’s been to the psychology day unit for a visit, and into school for one P.E. lesson. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess….

Paul’s has a blog here where he’s talking about what’s happening to him…..

Timothy Blackburn

I’m Tim(othy) Blackburn. This is my third blog. My second one on wordpress.
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Paul can’t open up to people but he can talk to his blog

small picture of Tim BlackburnShould this blog be entirely about music? Comments please! I just wanted to put in a quick word about Paul’s blog. Paul Harrison is my stepson, who happens to have PDD-NOS, a condition similar to autism and asperger’s syndrome. He’s very withdrawn and hates having to meet new people, as it makes him anxious and can’t cope. He can’t get into school at the moment as his stress levels go through the roof whenever he thinks of being in class – he’s 14 y.o. and you just try making him go! The whole thing makes him more anxious and less confident. His school agreed to send him work home, which is a start…

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