Life, the Universe, and my alter-ego

In fact, I seem to have forgotten who I am. Or at least forgotten that I’ve got a musical alter-ego who likes making tunes and whose music some people like listening to. There’s been so much going on at home and work that it’s been impossible to even think about making music recently. Me and Mrs mistrust have been occupied with Paul almost every waking hour (and those times we should be asleep), so there’s been no time to think of other things.

As you may have read in his blog, Paul has PDD-NOS and has become more and more anxious and socially reclusive over the last few months. Helping him to make some tunes and sorting out the production for him was an excuse for me to get using the music software, but now he doesn’t seem interested in creating some of his own tracks and getting some plays. Mrs m and I spend most of the evenings sorting out his needs and then desperately needing a rest when he goes to watch a dvd, or at least checking emails, forums etc.  Last evening I took him to the Trafford Centre (big shopping mall) almost straight after work and got home at 9.30pm, all because we’d promised him a reward for going to the child psychology day unit and seeing the registrar. The result was Gran Turismo 4 for PS2.

Come on Paul, get making music again and writing your blog.

My stepson has PDD-NOS

I realised that I haven’t posted anything on here, so that means no readers. Probably. Or too many blogs to maintain: music, e-learning, and personal (this one). Maybe I should drop this one, as the music blog is important and so is the e-learning one. Who cares about my personal life and what goes on at home?

Paul, my stepson of nearly five years, is 14 y.o. He has PDD-NOS, which means he’s sort of on the Autistic Spectrum. He’s been having major anxiety attacks about school. He hasn’t been in school for almost four weeks, until yesterday. The first two weeks were the Easter holidays, but he was too anxious to go in. We’ve had his psychologist involved, plus the local Special Needs Advisory service, trying to get him to go back. Finally, he’s been to the psychology day unit for a visit, and into school for one P.E. lesson. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess….

Paul’s has a blog here where he’s talking about what’s happening to him…..

Signed by a music library

I’ve sort of mentioned this before, but now I can tell all…..

I’ve signed a non-exclusive deal with a major UK music library, called CandyCover, that supplies music to TV, film, and advert production companies. They’ve worked with big players like Orange, O2, Virgin, and the Ministry of Sound. It’s a massive break for me – never had anything like this happen before. They’ve asked to use 8 of my tracks – not my long, instrumental tunes that have been doing the rounds for a couple of years like Never Alone and For All we’ve done, but my more recent ones that are available at Music Freedom. They’re all fairly short and are wanted for the library’s “Art/Quirky/Cult Drama” section. I’ve signed a contract with them and the tracks are going to be registered with MCPS, the official publishing organisation in the UK, which means I get paid the proper rate if any of my tracks get used.

I know that a lot of musicians get tracks signed to music libraries, and the competition is huge

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