London to Brighton at 500 MPH

In 1953 the BBC produced a short black and white film of a train journey from London to Brighton in four minutes. I’ve used a copy of the original film for the video of my 2005 track, I Travel, going along with the recent theme of using old black and white films for my “music videos”. Here, the journey is slightly shorter than the original as I had to edit the video to fit the length of the track. I’ve been looking to get a video for this track for a while and I’d forgotten about this London to Brighton train journey!

Hopefully you’ll think the music fits.

If you like the track, you can download it for free at – it’s taken from my 2005 EP called Making Movies – just look for I Travel.

Ultravox Live vs Nosferatu – Video Mashup


Croydon Library track on O’Neill TV

I’ve just found out that my some of my tracks can still be heard on O’Neill TV – the place that all the promos for O’Neill surfing contest are shown. Three tracks (Croydon Library, Never Alone, and Hello) were used in Deep Blue Open 2005. The thing that sets this film apart from all the regular surfing events is that it focusses mainly on the effects of Tsunami on the Maldives. Watching it again recently reminded me of the devastation of the hurricane in Burma and the earthquake in China. Click the link here to watch the whole film (approx 25 minutes):

O’Neill Deep Blue Open 2005 on O’Neill TV

If you don’t want to sit through the whole thing, here’s a short clip:

The film has been shown all round the world on TV (eg the Fox network in the USA, Channel 4 in the UK) and in all the O’Neill equipment stores. A couple of the clips from the film are on the Video Wall section of my blog – and have received a lot of plays since they were uploaded to Youtube.

I remembered the other day that O’Neill Europe started up a TV channel on their website last year and that the whole of the DBO 2005 film was up there in its entirety. I thought that it might have been replaced by footage of more recent surfing events, but I checked yesterday and it’s still there. It’s a bit tricky to find if you’re searching for it on the O’Neill site as it’s fairly well-hidden behind some of the 2007 events, but it’s there……

New music….

We recently got rid of our old desktop computer at home and replaced it will the Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop/notebook that I bought a couple of years ago. Before we binned it (actually – gave it to Adam – eldest stepson), I had to transfer hundreds of files including loads of half-finished tracks I’d made in Acid Pro over the last few years. I’ve just started listening to some of those tracks and rough arrangements and I really think I can do something with them. Maybe some of them will turn up as new tunes soon. One thing that should finally see the light of day soon is the remix I’ve been working on for the last few months. It’s for a New Zealand band called Pitch Black and the song is “Rude Mechanicals”, the title track of their latest album.

Site changes….

My website schizophrenia has kicked in again and I’ve changed the site theme again (and will probably change it again). I wanted this blog to look fairly original and be able to tie it in with the main site (and my myspace page). Some work ahead to make everything tie up!

The colour Purple

No post for a few weeks, mainly due to family commitments, work commitments, and stuff like that. However, I’m excited right now. I’m finally going to get some tunes played on an upcoming internet radio show. More details to follow after 10pm (UK time).

In the meantime, you can get hold of all my music for free. See the previous post for details….