Podcasting – well sort of

phone12.jpgI came across a website called Talkr that claims to let you listen to text-only blogs on your iPod and other mp3 players. The idea looks great for someone like me who wants to have a podcast but hasn’t got time to record one. All you do is add your blog’s RSS feed to their site, and a permanent link to your blog post, and Talkr will create an MP3 of what you wrote in your post. I tried it on my last post here, and although I was disappointed by the automated female voice, it’s really quite good. I can see it being quite useful for people who want to listen to what I’ve got to say another time, rather than read it in one go. Also, visually-impaired visitors may like it. More features will be available soon!

Find out more at Talkr.com or visit the Talkr blog.

Try it for yourself and….

Listen to this articleListen to this article

Paul can’t open up to people but he can talk to his blog

small picture of Tim BlackburnShould this blog be entirely about music? Comments please! I just wanted to put in a quick word about Paul’s blog. Paul Harrison is my stepson, who happens to have PDD-NOS, a condition similar to autism and asperger’s syndrome. He’s very withdrawn and hates having to meet new people, as it makes him anxious and can’t cope. He can’t get into school at the moment as his stress levels go through the roof whenever he thinks of being in class – he’s 14 y.o. and you just try making him go! The whole thing makes him more anxious and less confident. His school agreed to send him work home, which is a start…

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Breaking the spell

mistrust tvI’m nervous and excited at the same time. So much stuff going on at home to keep me occupied and  frazzled and to keep me awake at night. If you’ve read my stepson’s blog, you’ll know more. Now I’ve got something else on my mind. Some major news – big, big stuff – about my music. Can’t say much at the moment. Am I superstitious or have mildly autistic tendencies and think that if I let the cat out of the bag, it will somehow not happen. If I spell it out, does it count as telling all? Maybe if I say it backwards? Or cross my fingers?

Anyway, here goes.

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