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I’ve now moved my “mistrust music” blog to www.mistrustmusic.co.uk/blog so please go over there to read my blog posts. If you don’t want to go there yet, why not read my previous posts on here first….

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Why Facebook and kids

Well, I’m certainly getting a lot of hits on here about kids using Facebook. Why’s that then? Dunno, really. Maybe a lot of kids go on it, and a lot of parents either want to monitor what they’re doing on it or don’t want them on it all. I like all this social networking thing. Don’t get me wrong. Think it’s great. Very useful, very now. Can’t see the world going back to a Facebook-less era. However, why are parents still letting their kids as young as six or seven going on Facebook? Why? What reason? Have they forgotten how to talk? Fine – if your relatives are halfway round the world. What about Skype. What about setting up your own family social network on blog thing. Anyway. The debate still goes on and it rankles with me that I still see all my kids’ friends on there. So what are the schools doing about it? Not a lot at the moment, but maybe it’s finally getting through to the schools that something should be done about it. Take this for example.  Internet Safety for children.  Maybe things will start changing.

So, why am I on Facebook if I’m not happy about young  kids being on it? Well, I’ve been in touch with a few people from school, and I’m using it to plug my music. That’s it. That’s all. If you’re on Facebook and want to become a fan of my music, click here and “Become a Fan“. I’m also on Twitter.

The gratuitous plug.

I did a remix for dub band International Observer a while ago. The track is called “Popcorn Slavery (mistrust remix)” and is out on the band’s EP on Monday 22nd February. You can hear previews of it on my Soundcloud and Myspace pages, and it’s available to download from Monday on all major music sites, and the band’s own Bandcamp page. Spread the word.

Here’s the soundcloud player for it….

Up Peel Monument

View of Peel Monument
View of Peel Monument

Hello, it’s been a long time since I posted a new missive on this blog! All of you who subscribe via feed readers etc must be shocked to see me posting again. Well, what have I been doing over the last few months? It seems like not a lot! Actually, I’ve been trying to keep fairly fit and healthy, doing a lot of walking – mainly taking Paul up to Peel Monument (see the photo – it’s near Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester). It’s an old folly on top of a hill, 1100 feet above sea level, and a very steep climb. I’ve also been taking the dog for a walk, about 2.5 miles, three or four times a week in the evenings. It feels like I’ve lost some weight around my middle, so it’s doing something!

I’ve also been trying to get some new tunes written, but severely lacking some inspiration. I’ve got some ideas in my head, proper ideas, rather than just fiddling with loops from a cover disc. I’ve been using a vst host called Minihost, which loads a vst plugin and lets you use your computer keyboard to place the vst instrument. It’s got a built in chord maker, arpeggiator, and sequencer, which is great for fiddling around with. My 5 y.o. also likes playing with it – saying he’s playing Kraftwerk’s Man Machine, and the Dr Who theme tune! Expect some new tunes soon…from him, not me! Only kidding….

The Rude Mechanicals remix I did for NZ band Pitch Black is still around on the web and on the band’s remix CD, Rhythm, Sound and Movement. The remix is also going to be used to promote a big music and arts festival in New Zealand, called Splore. More news to follow soon. I’m also going to meet Paddy and Mike from Pitch Black at the end of October when they play their only UK gig in London. I’m also supposed to be getting the stems to remix a track by International Observer.

Other stuff….been doing a lot of Moodle stuff at work – very busy these days. I’ve also made a website for Paul’s dad and his painting and decorating business, D and S Decorators.  Oh, and I’m now on Facebook, and Twitter, so follow me on there if you’re on there….

Young kids and Facebook #2 – Parents strike back

More on from my recent post about Young kids and Facebook, where I read on my local school’s newsletter that some of the 7-11 year olds were going on Facebook. I decided to take matters into my own hands and send an email to the headteacher, asking if they knew there was information readily available on the internet about the pros and cons of children using Facebooks and other social networking sites. I also suggested that they look at sites like Thinkyouknow and maybe list them in one of the newsletters. To my surprise, I got an email back the next day, thanking me for pointing out what I did, and then got a mention in the next newsletter, in a paragraph telling parents about the Thinkyouknow website. So, a big tick for Parent Power! It’s probably the first time I’ve written to the school about anything – probably because it bothers me so much. We’ll probably never know if any of the parents take notice of it, but it’s a start. However, I’m now waiting for the backlash from parents saying “how dare you tell me how to bring up my child!” It actually makes you wonder why the Local Education Authority haven’t issued guidelines to school about things like using Facebook etc. Surely they’re the people who have more influence. I think I’m going to have to suggest going in and talking to the staff and kids about all this….

As you may know if you’re following my ramblings regularly, I am a Twitterer as well as a WordPress blogger. As such, I’m interested to read that WordPress have finally got round to adding a Twitter widget to the list available to those of us with WordPress.com accounts. I won’t go into details about what the widget will do as there’s more information about in WordPress.com’s blog post here – “Bring Twitter to Your Blog“. However, I’m still not convinced about having all my eggs in one basket – in other words, will people prefer to follow my tweets in Twitter, and my blogs in WordPress?

And finally – for those people who don’t know me, or are just interested in the ramblings about Facebook etc., you might like to know that I also make music in my spare time. In fact, I’ve been quite busy recently with the music-making. I”ve been making my own tunes for a few years, but a chance meeting with a DJ from the Big Chill organisation put me in touch with New Zealand band Pitch Black. I asked if I could do a remix for them, just because 1. I like their music, and 2. for a bit of experience of doing a remix. I sent it in, and they liked it so much they released it on their EP of the title track of their last album, and it’s on their new remix CD out in May. Because of that, I was asked to do a remix for Big Chill band Animat for their next single – that’s out early May too. Not bad eh? I’m on the lookout for some more remixes to do, but so far, so good! If you’d like to hear the remixes, please go to www.myspace.com/mistrust

The tracks on Myspace are:

Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals (mistrust – ambiotik remix)

Animat – Deep Space Lament (mistrust remix)