Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum (Manchester)


I’m taking part in the second Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum (Manchester), this coming Saturday April 15th, 2017. I’ll being playing two of my songs live – one old one and one new. The old one is Half Past One, which was one of the demo tracks of the month in Future Music magazine a few years ago. The new one is as yet untitled.

The open mic night is at Fuel Cafe Bar on Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester, and starts at 7pm. There’ll be loads of great unknown and unsigned bands and solo artists there, so head on over and lend your support!

About the Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum

Started and run by spoken word and electronic music-maker, Martin Christie, aka Poet and the Loops, in early 2017, the Electronic Music Open Mic and Forum is the world’s first open mic night and forum purely focusing on music produced by electronic and digital means, including laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, iPads, modular synths, keyboards, analogue and digital devices of all kinds. The first night was held in Manchester, and has since gone on to Sheffield, then back to Manchester, and is due to go to Huddersfield, Leeds, Bristol, and London.

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Banco de Gaia – All Sleeping (mistrust remix)

Here’s my remix for Banco de Gaia’s All Sleeping EP – out now on Disco Gecko Recordings via Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes etc. Here’s what the man himself has to say about the EP…

“It seems only fitting that as summer slips into fall, I release this ode to rest and relaxation.

The ‘All Sleeping’ EP features the original track, which is blessed with flutes from Tim Wheater and violas from Patrick Dunn, plus three additional remixes.

The high priests of Sacred Bass, Desert Dwellers, provide a jittery yet soothing mix, while Mistrust’s electronica musings darken the original mood. Finally Hibernation lifts us back into a sweet space with a solid downtempo mix, sealed by the additional bass.”

Buy now at http://bancodegaia.bandcamp.com/album/all-sleeping-ep

Still blogifically schizophrenic

Blogifically Schizophrenic? What’s that supposed to mean? After setting up goodness knows how many blogs and different presences on the internet, I still can’t decide where to keep all my updates. There are only two places that I probably should really keep up with – this one (mistrust.wordpress.com) and my own website (mistrustmusic.co.uk). Some people, I read, say that you shouldn’t post the same information in two different places, so if you’re reading this, please tell me why not (not because you’ll get bored, but the actual technical reasons. I still can’t decide, still change from one to the other, and probably always will. Actually, I’ve come across a WordPress theme that I could use to make my main website look like a proper website and not a blog. That’ll solve a problem or three!

In the meantime, I’m lingering on 3997 plays on my Soundcloud page. If anyone reading this would like to hop on over and play one of my songs, please do. It’s looks bad when you’re stuck on a few short of a round thousand. You never know, you might actually like the songs too!

While you’re listening, why not say hello on Facebook too! I’ve just changed my music page from “mistrust” to “Tim Blackburn Music”. I’ve been sending out invitations to my friends on FB asking them to like “mistrust”. No wonder they didn’t take me up – probably no idea it was me!