On the Radio again

My new song “Never Let You Go” will be played tonight September 7th, 2022, on Radio Wigwam! It’s on “Eclectica with Mike Green”, along with some great independent artists and great music. It’s a repeat of last Saturday’s show, so if you missed it, please tune in tonight.

Listen to Eclectica with Mike Green on Radio Wigwam

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Eclectica with Mike Green is on Radio Wigwam at 7pm UK time, 8pm CET, and 7pm EST in the Americas.

It isn’t the first time Never Let You Go has been played on the radio.

It has (so far) been played on the Trust the Doc Show on Exile FM, and is on rotation at Neon on ITNS Radio, Good Music Radio, Waveney Valley Radio (on rotation, and a new show in October), and Amazing Radio‘s pop music playlist.

Never Let You Go – New Song Out Now

Listen to the new song by mistrust….

“Never Let You Go (For Kathryn B)” is a new song that I’ve written for my amazing wife, Kathryn, to celebrate her birthday.

It’s a lullaby / synthpop song, which is influenced by bands like OMD, Kraftwerk, Human League, and early Depeche Mode.

It’s quite a departure from my dub/downtempo instrumentals and remixes, and has me on lead vocals.

I wrote and recorded loads of “proper” songs in the late 1980s and early 90s, but haven’t done anything like this since then.

After numerous instrumentals, I thought it was time I sat down to see if I could actually write a real song!

I would love to hear what you think of it!

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R&B Happy Uplifting Type Beat

Here is the video for my new R&B Type Beat… It’s an uplifting pop / happy type beat. The hook/chorus is “Never thought you’d be the one”. It really needs someone to rap over it or put some vocals to it.

Tempo is 89BPM and Key is D# Minor. If you want to license this song, please use my Beatstars store.

Full Track stems are available as well as Tagged and untagged MP3 and Wav files.

Album by Soup

Some friends of mine, Andy Whitaker and Oz Cooper, have a new album out now. Released in November 2014, the album is intriguingly called “ALBUM” and the band is called “SOUP”. Influences and sounds ranging from psychedelic to indie, pop, and heartfelt emotion are all on the album. From the first track, “Colour Coded”, with it’s eastern intro, to just an acoustic guitar, synths, the album has it all. It’s well worth a listen. The album cover is intriguing too. A few of us were invited to a photoshoot for the cover pic, and were asked to bring along out favourite album covers. So, while you listen to “Album”, you can play a “guess the cover” game…..!!!

Album by Soup is out now on all good download sites, including iTunes: http://bit.ly/1tASo36

Soup – Album: Guess the album cover!