DJ Blackboard

A few years ago, I did a DJ set at an event at work and because my job involved a certain virtual learning platform, every called me “DJ Blackboard” (geddit? DJ Blackboard sounds like DJ Blackburn, as in Blackburn my surname!) I’ve still got the tracks I played, but so far DJ Blackboard has yet to have a mix on the internet.

Until Today! Here is a short mix of some of the tracks on “Everyday, Everyday – The Mistrust Remixes” now playing on Mixcloud:

Buy the way – look out for the full album of mistrust remixes on Bandcamp here.

Everything’s gone (Pitch) Black

I’ve been working on the Pitch Black remix for the last week and a half, but I’m getting quite bogged down with it. The problem is that I’ve been too reliant on sample CDs to find something that fits the existing tune (“Rude Mechanicals”) and not really restricting myself to only a few sounds. I use Acid Pro pretty much all the time for getting ideas down quickly, but it’s too easy to become lost in all the options that it gives you. My attempt at this remix is a bit “directionless” at the moment, and I’m probably doing the wrong thing by listening to remixes of other Pitch Black tracks in order to get some direction. A friend of mine – DJ and musician, The Only Michael – who did a Pitch Black remix a couple of years ago, advised me not to listen to other remixes, and to just do what inspires me from the original track.

I’ve won a Yamaha Motif XS6 workstation!

And it’s absolutely amazing!!!! I won it in a promo that Music Tech magazine were running on their new Studionet forum. I went down to Yamaha’s R&D offices in West London yesterday and got the official Yamaha training from one of their product specialists. I spent most of yesterday afternoon grinning like an idiot after hearing the sounds the Motif can make and just how incredible the whole thing is. I think I can seriously say goodbye to making music on Acid Pro from now on! It seems to be able to do everything – it’s got 355MB of ROM for the internal sounds, 6000 arpeggios, song and pattern-based recording, backup over Ethernet, full integration with Cubase 4. I can predict some long nights over Christmas getting to grips with this thing!!!!

Me and my Motif…..

This is my first post in two months – more about what’s been happening later this month. Needless to say, it hasn’t been very pleasant…. At least I’ll have a nice Christmas present!

All the world’s an MP3 stage

I’ve been thinking about the number of music hosting sites and MP3 directories that I have my music on. Most of them are free-to-download places where people can just have my tracks for nothing. I started off in late 2004 by choosing just one site –, which is now no more, just because I lacked confidence about my music and it seemed like a good place to start when I’d never even considered putting my music out to the public. In fact, even though Electromancer closed down last year, a lot of the artists are still active on the forums of another site, Nervejam, and are still as friendly and supportive as ever.

I got a bit more confident after getting some great reviews, thinking that more people might give me a listen, so I followed links and recommendations about other hosting sites, signed up to 2 or 3, and waited for the plays to roll in. Then I started chasing more sites and more plays, until I had tracks on about 1o or 15 sites. I’ve now lost track (and usernames/passwords) of most of those sites, and still get the occasional email from them, saying someone has posted a comment. A quick check on google as to which sites I’m on offers up 94 links for “mistrust music site” and 30 for “never alone mistrust” (my first track from 2004).

I still see the same old faces on all these hosting sites,

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