You should watch this video

I know that I said that I was moving my blog over to my main website, but seeing as though some people are still reading my posts on here and have maybe subscribed via newsfeeds etc., I’m going to carry on posting here  for a while. However, I’m probably only going to post small excerpts on here and the full version on my main blog. Hopefully, then you’ll get used to my new blog and start following me there! So here goes…

You should watch this video….

Without repeating exactly what Ian Shepherd wrote on his production advice website, you should really watch this video. I can’t really write much about it that will really do it justice, so it’s probably a good idea if you just watch it first – like I did – and then see what you think about it. As Ian says on his own blog, there’s more to it than first appears. The real message will “shock, surprise and move you.”

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