Deep Space Lament remix news

As well as the Rude Mechanicals remix I did for NZ band Pitch Black, I did one just after Christmas for a friend’s band from Sheffield (UK) called Animat. The remix is of a song of their’s called “Deep Space Lament”, from their latest album, “Earplay”. I’m really proud of this remix – I only had a week to get it done in and somehow it all came together really quickly. It’s one of those tracks that you think to yourself “how did I do that?” Hopefully Animat’s fans and followers will like it, and the people at the Big Chill label like it too. 

A preview of Deep Space Lament (mistrust remix)  is now up exclusively on my myspace music player, so please listen and see what you think (and add it to your profile!). It’s going to be released on Big Chill Records on 11th May 2009 

There are actually two other  remixes up on my myspace music player. There’s Deep Space Lament, and the two versions of the remix I did of Rude Mechanicals. The original version of this track is on “Rhythm Sound and Movement”, Pitch Black‘s new remix CD, which is out on download at the end of April 2009, and in the shops early May!!!! Looks out for the change in title from the recently available EP versi0n. The track on the remix CD is called the “ambiotik” remix.

Deep Space Lament (mistrust remix) by Animat is out 11th May on all good download stores!

Rude Mechanicals (mistrust/ambiotik remix) is out end of April/early May 2009.

Get more music on my Music page….. 

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