Moodle mania

I’ve got my e-Learning head on today whilst writing this blog. Anyway – the title of this post – “Moodle Mania”: Should really be “E-Learning Mania”, as all I can do at the moment is think about the resources and ideas that are cropping up in the “Moodle and E-Learning” Roadshows I’m putting on at College. Today is the 5th day of the roadshows sessions when I’ve visited one of our campuses, with the intention of getting teaching staff to come and talk about their Moodle and e-learning related issues. Plus, spread the word and get people moodling. So far these sessions have been a success, largely because I’ve dealt more college staff than I thought I would, mainly face-to-face, some of whom I haven’t had contact with before, and who want to start using Moodle. The thing I’m pleased with is that I’ve had a few people logging into the chatroom I set up for these roadshows, for staff who can’t get to the sessions in person. I’m also looking at the idea of using Skype or something similar the next time I do these roadshows.

Some of the things I have had requests for, and being able to help with are:
getting art students’ work online so they can do some evalution – embedding a Flickr slideshow into Moodle; using forums for class discussions; setting up a cross-site music resource area; and getting across the pedagological benefits of using moodle.


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