Jorum Forum E-Learning workshop

In my role as E-Learning Developer at The Manchester College, I visited the “Jorum Forum” the other day. The Jorum Forum was an event to showcase the latest developments of the body known as Jorum. If you don’t know them, they’re there to develop and promote an online repository of learning objects and materials that can be shared by all HE (and some FE) institutions in the UK. So far, it’s been all about contributing and freely distributing materials that institutions have developed themselves, eg a video, or an interactive quiz, stuff like that. Now they’re looking at using Creative Commons licences for sharing materials, which means that you have some control over what users can do with them. Up till now, all the objects have been available as being reusable.

Jorum has been getting a bit of a bad press recently at our place, along with the NLN materials, so it was good to hear how other colleges in universities were using and promoting them. It’s something I haven’t really pushed as much as I should here, but all that should change soon as a result of the event the other day. One of the main things I could show our staff is that you can knock up a really quick Powerpoint slideshow using some of the videos on Jorum. Steve Smith, who seems to get everywhere these days (!!!) did one in about 10 minutes – ideal for when you’re in a hurry! I think people like Steve really enthuse teachers and e-learning practitioners, and bridge the gap between the techie-folk and non-techie ones. Something I’d really like to be able to do myself…I probably do that a little bit, but I need the right tools and oomph (I’m quite shy and retiring really….).

Anyway, I’m doing a presentation about Moodle on Monday, to some of our staff, so maybe it’s time to get some oomph going!!!!”


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