Three-legged cats

It’s been a funny (as in, “strange”) few weeks. I’ve been on a trip “down south”, ended up with a three-legged cat, and been to Silverstone Racing Circuit! To explain more……I took my 4 y.o. son to visit his grandparents at the end of October. They live about 30 miles north of London, so it was a long way to travel from up here (Bolton), so we went on the train. My 4 y.o. loved most of the trip down and we had a good time when we were there. His grandad took us up to Silverstone – the motor racing circuit – where he works part-time, and we saw the McLaren team trying out a couple of new drivers. I’ve seen and heard the Formula 1 cars on TV and thought they were loud, but when you hear one in real life, shooting round the track at 150 mph, it’s just like a really loud, high-pitched scream. I’ll put some photos and videos of the trip up as soon as I can. It was really strange being at Silverstone with all the grandstands empty and seeing just one or two cars going round the track.

Now for the three-legged cat! Skye, our 1 year-old cat, was hit by a car outside our house the other week. We couldn’t find her until the next day, and then took her to see the vet. It was obvious her front-right leg was broken, and her shoulder was dislocated. The vet kept her in overnight, and the next day said the cat would need an operation to either pin the bone or to amputate her leg. There’d be some potential problems if the bone was pinned, like she’d have a short-leg and the bone may not set properly, so we told them to go ahead and remove her leg. When she came back from the vet – the RSPCA Animal Hospital (the one featured on BBC TV, with Rolf Harris) – the kids were really upset to see a three-legged cat, and Paul just didn’t want her around. It’s taken the cat (and Paul) about 10 days to come round to her having only three legs, and she’s somehow managing to hop around ok inside the house. So, we’ve now got a three-legged cat. The kids seem to be getting used to her being like that, especially as she looked like something from cruel experiment that had gone horribly wrong…


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