Pitch Black Rude Mechanicals mistrust remix

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m now officially a “Remixer for Hire”! The official remix I did for New Zealand band Pitch Black is back from the mastering house and going to be released on all the major download sites at the end of October. I’ve done a couple of remixes before, just for fun, but never an official one with all the stuff that goes with that sort of thing (royalties, writing credit, legal stuff etc.). Doesn’t seem like much compared to what a lot of bands and musicians have been upto,  but I’m 40-something and doing it as a hobby when my kids are in bed and it’s my first “official” release, so I’m chuffed to bits!

The track is now up on my Myspace music player, but if you like it, please buy the hi-res version when it comes out on iTunes, Beatport, etc.

Rude Mechanicals (mistrust remix) on Myspace here…

Pitch Black on Myspace here….

For the techies out there, here’s the blurb about the gear I used:
Acid Pro 6, Izotope iDrum, TAL-Dub 2, and LiveCut VST plugins, on Windows XP laptop, Behringer USB soundcard, using some of individual Wavs (24 tracks) from original version of Rude Mechanicals (supplied by the label). Mixed down using cheap headphones from Tesco!

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