Writing from my iPod Touch

I’m finally blogging on my iPod Touch. When I say MY IPod Touch, I mean it’s sort of on permanent loan from work. I’ve had a bit of time to play with it and see what it can do now I’ve finished the Pitch Black remix. So far, I’m fairly impressed with a couple of things, but overall it looks like Apple are tying people’s hands when they should be making things easy to access.

Pros: the Apps – some great little progs, especially iDrum and MooCow Band. There’s also stuff like this WordPress app I’m using now and the mobile twitted one. Very handy. It’s also good for auditioning different mixes of my own tracks, as a good mp3 player should.

Cons: a couple of things- iTunes and Flash. iTunes, because you pretty much have to do everything through it, and officially can’t use anything else to manage your files on the player. Flash – because the Safari browser doesn’t play Flash movies, which covers a lot of web content.

All in all, it’s ok, but if I was spending the cash myself, I’d look around a bit more before deciding what to buy. There’s an interesting discussion about the iPod Touch at createdigitalmusic.com, so hop on over and have a look.


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