Jog the web and e-learning for bands

Screenshot of my "Jog the web" track
mistrust jogtheweb

I was at an e-learning workshop yesterday as part of my day job (e-learning developer). I wasn’t originally supposed to be going, but my boss couldn’t make it and asked me instead. The workshop was about using new and emerging  technologies for work-based learning.  Whilst looking at all the weird and wonderful gadgets and websites that were meant to be making life easier and more efficient for assessing and gathering evidence from work-based learners, I realised that a lot of this stuff could benefit a solo artist like me or a band trying to spread the word about themselves and get their music out there…..

There are quite a few bits and pieces that I could mention – I’ll do a list and review another time – but the one that could help someone like me who has profiles, songs, and videos on loads of different sites, is Jog the Web. It’s basically a track of whichever websites you want to feature – all viewable inside a player. Your viewers can follow the trail from 1 to – wherever, or click whichever page they want. You can make a slideshow too. This could be great for a musician who wants to point people to their music sites, without having to rely on visitors deciding on with link to click.

Have a look at my “Jog the web” track for some “mistrust music” sites…..


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