Talacre Sands and other tales

Talacre Beach at Sunset by Tim Blackburn
Talacre Beach at Sunset by Tim Blackburn

Should have posted this a few weeks ago, but seem to have had very little time these days. Anyway, the “mistrust” clan went away on holiday (vacation) at the end of July for some much needed rest and recuperation. Nowhere really special – just a Haven Holidays caravan park near Prestatyn, in North Wales. The best thing about it was the scenery, including the wonderful Talacre Sands and rabbit warren. Very inspirational for some ideas for new tunes (yes, I DO actually make music!), very calming. The kids loved it apart from the first night when no-one could settle (well, Paul couldn’t settle and disturbed the rest of us. We managed to get some great footage on video and some great still photos of the surrounding area. I’ll put them up on Youtube and Flickr when I get time. I took one of those small handheld video cameras that uses a memory card – an Aiptek. I was a bit doubtful about what the quality would be like, but in the end I got some great results. Have a look at the header image of my blog site (the one you’re on now!) to see what I mean. That was taken on the 3MP setting at sunset on Talacre Beach. I actually submitted the full size version of that photo to BBC North Wales’ “Your Pictures” feature a few weeks ago, and it’s been added to the “Sunrise/Sunset” section. You can see the picture in full-size on the BBC North Wales site here.

In contrast, I nearly ended up in hospital at the end of the holiday…..but that’s another story that will appear in a couple of days’ time…..


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