Mixtape, Muxtape, MuddleTape

I was quite excited about the Muxtape idea that mentioned the other day, and it even got a mention in Dreamrapper’s blog too. However, it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped over at Muxtape’s HQ and I feel a little bit foolish now. It looks like my twelve tracks have gone from my virtual tape and ended up in someone else’s, as there’ve been one or two problems with their software and servers.

On May 21st, Muxtape experienced an error that caused every song in the database to be overwritten with the wrong artist & title. (from Muxtape’s blog)

I must say that it was a very good concept, and right now I hope they manage to get everything sorted as soon as possible.

If you’re not too sure what Muxtape is, have a look at the article I wrote the other day for more information.

By the way, I’m still on the hunt for recommendations etc., about the Presonus Firestudio. If you’re using one, can you give me some info about it (pros and cons, that sort of thing) as there’s just too much info to wade through on the web.

One thought on “Mixtape, Muxtape, MuddleTape

  1. Apparently it’s just gone even worse, the data center where their site hardware runs has just suffered a massive electrical explosion and thousands of other sites are down.

    Kinda a shame, this is the last thing they need, muxtape really has its work cut out for it since it’s trying to establish its mixtape service in a market where everyone else already has a 2-4 year headstart. imeem (launched 2004) and projectplaylist (2006) both let you do everything that muxtape lets you. Sure, they’re not as clean, minimal, ad-free or as cool as muxtape, but they have 10-20 million users each compared to the hundred thousand or so muxtape can boast.

    There are also several other playlist/mixtape services which are playing catchup – mixwit, seeqpod (more a search engine with playlist support), finetune etc etc.

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