Mixtape, Muxtape

Updated: 28th May 2008

It seems that my Mixtape/Muxtape isn’t working because the Muxtape website has lost most of its data. I’m currently uploading a new playlist which should be available here shortly…

Here’s a word you don’t come across much these days: Mixtape. Remember? The thing you made for your friends or for listening to in your car on a long trip, taping your favourite vinyl tracks or the week’s Top 30 on Radio One. The thing you made for your mate’s party. The mixtape is now only a mythical beast since the ubiquotous CD came along. Well, I came across a website that will let you recreate your favourite mixtapes online. It’s a website called “Muxxtape”, which lets you upload upto 12 tracks to create your very own mixtape. A lot of the people who’ve signed up seem to have have made mixtapes of their favourite albums (copyright problems anyone….?) and uploaded them to the site.

Well, I thought I’d upload some of my own tracks from the last few years, seeing as though there may not be many new ones finished for a while. You can listen to my own “mistrust” mixtape by clicking the image below. There’s also an RSS feed so you can add the playlist to iTunes etc and get notified of any updates.


Add mistrust.muxtape.com to iTunes (RSS)

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