Presonus Firestudio – shall I get one?

I’ve been using Acid Pro, samples, plugins, etc for ages but I’m now seriously thinking of going “hardware” (much more fun!). Thought about getting a basic mixer but I need more flexible routing and control (MIDI/Audio), and someone recommended the Presonus Firestudio. It looks like it’s the sort of thing I need, so maybe someone who’s reading this has used one? I think it’s around £500 and seems to be worth it – it includes loads of plugins and comes with Cubase 4 LE, Reason Adapted, and loads of other stuff. I’ve already got a computer so it might be the complete package – it got a great review in MTM too! There’s an offer on at the moment where you get a rebate on the MSR remote control for the Firestudio….

Anyone else used one of these? If you have or can offer some advice, please let me know….It’s a big outlay so I want to get it right!

presonus firestudio


One thought on “Presonus Firestudio – shall I get one?

  1. I saw you were thinking about getting a FireStudio. I’m not the person to tell you how great it sounds, because my opinion is probably bias, but if you have any questions about the gear I would be happy to help you out!

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