Everything’s gone (Pitch) Black

I’ve been working on the Pitch Black remix for the last week and a half, but I’m getting quite bogged down with it. The problem is that I’ve been too reliant on sample CDs to find something that fits the existing tune (“Rude Mechanicals”) and not really restricting myself to only a few sounds. I use Acid Pro pretty much all the time for getting ideas down quickly, but it’s too easy to become lost in all the options that it gives you. My attempt at this remix is a bit “directionless” at the moment, and I’m probably doing the wrong thing by listening to remixes of other Pitch Black tracks in order to get some direction. A friend of mine – DJ and musician, The Only Michael – who did a Pitch Black remix a couple of years ago, advised me not to listen to other remixes, and to just do what inspires me from the original track.

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