More satisfaction recording with hardware?

Is there more satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from recording with hardware and outboard equipment, rather than the latest plugins and softsynths? Are professional musicians and engineers drifting away from all things soft and going back in time?

I’ve noticed that a lot of magazine tutorials, youtube videos, and general features on recording (bands, engineers etc) lean more towards recording with hardware rather than soft synths, outboard effects rather than plugins. The people in question spend ages patching things together and twiddling knobs to get the required sound.

I’ve read many times in various music/music tech mags and forums that you can’t write a tune on a computer. I’ve always this was rubbish, especially as there are so many great compositional tools out there. I’m beginning to think it’s true because there’s just so much that gets in the way when you’re on a computer – which softsynth to use, record midi or audio, the list goes on….I’m sure I had more fun and was more creative when I had my Jen SX1000, cheap drum machine, and recorded everything on to tape.

BSOD anyone?


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