Ning not Facebook or Myspace

I’ve just signed up to a new “social network” for music technology and production people, run by Music Tech magazine in the UK. Called MTM Studio Net,  it says that it’s

the place for producers, engineers and recording musicians to showcase their music and share production ideas.

So far, about 70 people have signed up in only a few days, probably people who read the magazine, but it looks like a worthwhile place to get some new ideas about making music and for people to hear my tracks. It’s probably the sort of place to be if you don’t want the hassle of Facebook or Myspace, and is part of the broader Ning umbrella where people can set up their own personal “social network”.

If you want to join MTM’s Ning, head over to:

Anyone else come across any other “social networks” for music technology or production that I can add to my blogroll?


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