Zen and the art of Myspace pimping

Neil Cocker's big chill photo

image: Big chill night view by Neil Cocker (copyright 2005) (link to Neil Cocker’s Flickr page)

I tried it once. That was all it took to put me off it forever. Everyone else was doing it, so why should I miss out? That was what I thought at the time. The whole world except me was joining in and I was the only one not doing it. I finally plucked up the courage to have ago……

I’m talking about “Pimping” my Myspace. The art of changing your profile page to make it look funky, smart, catchy, and anything else you can think of.  Back to my first time…..

…….Well, that was painless, wasn’t it? Let someone else take control and do everything for me. Never again! Not ever! Never will I do that again. What a horrible experience. It looked like something my three year old would do in Photoshop or the like. I copied the code from one of the many thousands of so-called “Myspace editors”, looked at my profile page, and then tried to decipher where my bio had gone, how people could add me, and why all my friends had vanished! Had I done it wrong, I thought. Well, the code hadn’t changed, so it must be like that. Don’t forget that nice floating advert, that pointed everyone in the direction of possible smiley/trojan hell.

I must say, I’ve yet to come across a Myspace profile that has been tastefully decorated or that’s not a navigation nightmare. Instead of “Add to friends”, it’s always “Be my fwend” or something just as wacky. Backgrounds that don’t scroll and are repeated across the page are worse – you end up not being able to see what people have taken ages to write.  I’m sure I know a few things about webpage design – I may not have made the most interesting websites – and most people know when something looks right,  so why are people allowed to to have a free rein over of pimping their space? Myspace should start introducing some guidelines about what you can and can’t do. Don’t forget, too, that Myspacers who have loads of images, videos, banners, and all the other clutter, are just slowing down the page load time. We all know that a lot of users give up afer a few seconds if a page doesn’t load for ages.

I’m quite sure it’s a lot of fun pimping your myspace. It’s not for me, though. I hate it. I’ll never do it again.

If you’re a Myspace pimper and disagree with what I’ve written, leave a comment and show me your myspace page. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but in the meantime, I’ll stick with a plain, boring, profile.

Thanks to Neil Cocker from the Big Chill Forum for use of  photo.

2 thoughts on “Zen and the art of Myspace pimping

  1. Friendster did the MySpace thing long ago, but Friendster didn’t let you customise your profile. Enter MySpace with profile customisations galore. I think you know which site is more popular. People like to “pimp their profile” because they want to show off.

    MySpace itself is a site I find inherently difficult to use, so I wouldn’t blame the users for having profiles that are hard to navigate. MySpace users do not know the first thing about usability, nor do they care (and this isn’t isolated to MySpace users, either).

    But how do you actually “use” MySpace? You sign up, add friends, and that’s about it. There are plenty of other sites that let you watch videos, listen to music, and write blog entries. Not all of them do it on the same site, although most of them provide a blog (how many do we need?). What is there to DO on MySpace? Very little.

    The only way that MySpace benefits me is that a few of my old friends use it and I have no other way to keep in touch with them. They won’t email, but they will send messages or leave comments on MySpace. Other than that, I rarely use it.

    And don’t even get me started on the musicians who have a MySpace page but not an official website…

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