Looking for music blogs

I can’t seem to find many musicians who are blogging. Maybe everyone’s too busy making music or playing live to keep a diary or blog of what they’re upto. What’s the point in blogging anyway, you may say. If you’re a musician, unsigned or not, please post a link to your blog and I’ll have a read and see what you’re upto. I’ll even add you the my “recommended” list. I know that Moby blogs on his myspace page, that’s about it as far as I know. I blog so that I can a) promote my own music to people who wouldn’t normally listen to it; b) let my “fans” and other listeners know what I’m upto with my music; c) help other unsigned musicians get some extra exposure. If you’re not blogging or using Web 2.0 tools and all the latest social networking sites, you’re missing out on a lot of exposure. Even my stepson has a blog about his music.

So, as I said, please let me know if you’ve got a blog, or if you know of any musical bloggers out there.

In the meantime, here’s one of my new tracks for you to download for free….

mistrust: Say your name (glitchmix)……

3 thoughts on “Looking for music blogs

  1. I just started a blog about music. In fact the idea for the music and the blog came out at the same time. I’ve been a traditional musician for years, playing guitar, singing, punk rock, ska, emo bands. Then i had this idea to turn my dreams into rap songs, from the bizarre to the mundane, just creating a short song from these dreams would be an entertaining and challenging project to base a blog around. I am a fan of the web2.0 community feel of blogs like zefrank, so I envisioned videos for the songs with dance slips from people all over the place. We’re at a nice point in technology where it’s easy for musicians to collaborate on projects without ever meeting face to face. Open source music in a sense. Anyways, I like your downtempo stuff. I’d love to use some beats for a dream rap as a crosspromotional collaboration venture. dreamrapper.wordpress.com

  2. Click on the above link then click on Blog. More often than not it’s a general blog rather than a music blog, but I do write weekly entries so that’s a start.

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