Signed by a music library

I’ve sort of mentioned this before, but now I can tell all…..

I’ve signed a non-exclusive deal with a major UK music library, called CandyCover, that supplies music to TV, film, and advert production companies. They’ve worked with big players like Orange, O2, Virgin, and the Ministry of Sound. It’s a massive break for me – never had anything like this happen before. They’ve asked to use 8 of my tracks – not my long, instrumental tunes that have been doing the rounds for a couple of years like Never Alone and For All we’ve done, but my more recent ones that are available at Music Freedom. They’re all fairly short and are wanted for the library’s “Art/Quirky/Cult Drama” section. I’ve signed a contract with them and the tracks are going to be registered with MCPS, the official publishing organisation in the UK, which means I get paid the proper rate if any of my tracks get used.

I know that a lot of musicians get tracks signed to music libraries, and the competition is huge

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, but it’s a massive break and I’m really pleased about it. I’ve been told in the last couple of years that my music hasn’t been commercial enough to get on a record label release, which was a bit disappointing at first. I got some tracks taken on by a company called Archangel Media Group for use in some O’Neill Surfing promo films – Deep Blue Open 2005 and Anglet Pro, but it was unpaid and not a lot came from it apart from a decent showreel and the prestige from getting airplay on Extreme Channel. However, more and more people in the music licensing business were saying that I had a “soundtrack” edge to my music and that it would fit in with the sort of thing that gets used in film and tv. I got a knockback a couple of years ago when a licensing company called Raw42 said that my style was not suitable for adverts, but I carried on in the same style, making more short instrumental stuff, and it looks like it’s paid off.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who’s pushed my music and kept me going with words of encouragement and support.

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