Paul can’t open up to people but he can talk to his blog

small picture of Tim BlackburnShould this blog be entirely about music? Comments please! I just wanted to put in a quick word about Paul’s blog. Paul Harrison is my stepson, who happens to have PDD-NOS, a condition similar to autism and asperger’s syndrome. He’s very withdrawn and hates having to meet new people, as it makes him anxious and can’t cope. He can’t get into school at the moment as his stress levels go through the roof whenever he thinks of being in class – he’s 14 y.o. and you just try making him go! The whole thing makes him more anxious and less confident. His school agreed to send him work home, which is a start…

We’ve had major problems getting him to communicate his feelings and anxieties, and won’t go to see the pyschologist he’s under at the moment, so me and his mum have to keep diaries and try to tell the psych what we think Paul is thinking. He just can’t open up to people. Until he discovered I was writing a blog. Now he’s blogging all the time.

At first it was only to tell people about his music on myspace. Then he posted something about PDD-NOS, I helped him tag it, and he started to get loads of hits and a few comments about how he wasn’t alone in the ASD world. People from around the world were writing to him. He’s now added more posts, writing about his days at home, and life in general, and he’s really opened up in writing how he feels, and actually puts across his anxieties. Whether he’s found a way to get more hits than me (he’s very competitive) or whether he genuinely thinks he can write down how he feels, I’m not sure.

Oh, and if you want to read about music, I’ve just been signed by a major music library in the UK. Some of the tracks are on, so have a listen while you post a comment on here!

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