Breaking the spell

mistrust tvI’m nervous and excited at the same time. So much stuff going on at home to keep me occupied and  frazzled and to keep me awake at night. If you’ve read my stepson’s blog, you’ll know more. Now I’ve got something else on my mind. Some major news – big, big stuff – about my music. Can’t say much at the moment. Am I superstitious or have mildly autistic tendencies and think that if I let the cat out of the bag, it will somehow not happen. If I spell it out, does it count as telling all? Maybe if I say it backwards? Or cross my fingers?

Anyway, here goes. A music library in the UK that works with the likes of Orange and Virgin want to add some of my tracks to their roster.  I’ve submitted 10 tracks. They want to use 7 or 8. There. I said it.  I get nervous and excited at the thought of having my music on TV. It’s like the time my tracks were used by O’Neill Europe on their Deep Blue Open 2005 promo film and I found out it was being shown on Channel 4 in the UK and in 25 other countries around the world. Plus, in all the O’Neill shops. This time, if it gets used, I’ll get paid and the exposure will be massive. Oh, and the tracks will be registered with MCPS.  I’m just an unsigned, bedroom musician. I’m allowed to get nervous.

If anyone reading this has any experience of working with a music library, please leave a comment tell me how you got on.


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