MP3s and other updates

Paul the phone is ringing - Part 2 of 5

I’ve now added quite a few new things to the site that should make things a bit more interesting. You can now play some of my tracks on the music page, watch a clip from the O’Neill Deep Blue Open video that features my track “Croydon Library”, and meet some of my friends and people who’ve helped me along the way. I’ve now got a “I’m also on..” section to see where else I’ve got music or postings.

I’ve also got some promo photos on Flickr. These are to promote a track of mine that’s on Myspace. Guess which track it is? Talking of photos, I’d like to be able to add interesting images to my posts (paintings, photographs, designs etc) by people who frequent the forums that I’m on.

Don’t forget to go over to my stepson’s blog and say hello – Paul Harrison on WordPress – he’s recently got the music bug from me, and is keen to get some tracks up on the web. That’s Paul on the photo, with the word “ringing” in his face!


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