I’ve finally bought the domain name mistrustmusic.co.uk. It’s mine (for 2 years at least)! No more “blackburnt.portland.co.uk” in forums and directories! I toyed with releasing all my music under the name Tim Blackburn, but now I’m stuck with “mistrust”. I don’t think anyone else is using that name, so hopefully I’m unique!

I know I sometimes sound like a Massive Attack copy, or maybe a bit of Faithless, or Leftfield, but I try to make original-sounding music, and not stick too much to one style, and try not to be influenced too much by other artists.

I’ve been asked by a music library to submit some tracks to put out for film and tv projects. More when I decide which ones to submit. They’ve given me some guidelines, so hopefully I’ll get some time to sort it out.

Changes to the site: I’ve added “I’m also on…”, which links to my other sites and profiles around the web. Please visit them and say hello. Some of them have voting on….

If you’ve visiting this site, and like the music (or not!) please say hello and leave your website address. Maybe you make music too, so I can add you to my friends list. (I promise not to hassle you!)


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