New mistrust website

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Hello from Tim Blackburn, aka “mistrust“. I’ve finally joined the land of “WordPress” for my blogging exploits….

I’ve been on Blogger for a couple of years and just become fed up with the lack of options available. WordPress is more flexible, more user-friendly than Blogger, and it’s not owned by Google! I’d like to use this WordPress blog to replace my own website, or at least integrate it into my site, as I’m limited with the lack of time I have to keep updating the site using Dreamweaver etc. WordPress should be ideal to provide links to my music and other bits and bobs, so here goes….

There’s plenty of old archive stuff from my Blogger blogging days, which will still be hosted on my website, and I’ll be providing links to that soon. In the meantime, please bookmark this page, and add the RSS feed to your favourite Feed reader.

Click here to read my previous blog

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