Of Cabbages and Kings and Charley

Old Public Information films and my songs. Well, my remixes actually. Here’s a video I made for my remix of Khartomb’s Cabbage & Kings, using and edit from “Charley’s March of Time”, a British Public Information film from 1948 by Halas and Batchelor.


Colour Coded by Soup


Here’s the first track of the album I mentioned in a recent post. It’s called Colour Coded, from the album called “Album” by Soup. Soup are, amongst others, Andy Whitaker and Oz Cooper, from Manchester in the UK.

There’s also a review of the album in SIC Magazine here…..

Soup Abum Review




Old VST plugins #1

I’m in the middle of putting together some new tunes. Just some outines, really, but  I’m also trying to get better on the production-side of things, however I’ve been getting frustrated with the endless choice of VST plugins, and and other instruments and FX, having to work out how I can use them in my productions. It got me thinking that when I first started making music on a computer, there seemed to be not many free plugins, which restricted my choice in what to use. I used to download a few free plugins, test them, and use them wisely and with some sort of restraint. Now I wonder, whatever happened to those old plugins. I thought I’d look to see if any websites rescued them and if I can still find them. So, here are some of those site and some of the plugins they’ve rescued….

Moderato / Alexander Blu

screen shot of Moderato website







On Moderato / Alexander Blu’s website I found lots of old classic plugins, some of which I haven’t seen updated, and some of which have been succeeded by more complicated and complex updates. To me, the old ones are the best!

Some of the plugins I found are:

Basslane 1.2

Image of Basslane VST
Basslane VST

From the website: Regain tightness in the bottom of your mix by keeping kick drums and bass lines centered in the stereo field. •  Drum tracks mixed from multiple sources, or processed with delay, reverb etc will often sound “messy” if the kick drum isn’t centered.

Download Basslane 1.2 (1.32MB)

Camel Phat Free

Image of Camel Phat Free
Camel Phat Free

I’m sure I prefer this original version of Camel Phat. Just three controls! It features a great compressor and distortion with one incredibly easy to use interface. Its great for use on drums, bass and just about anything else that needs fattening up!

Download Camel Phat Free (79KB)

Blueline Plugin Pack

Image of Blueline Plugin Pack
Blueline Plugin Pack

One of the first plugins I used, probably about 10 years ago! The plug-ins contained are: BluePhaser, BlueFlanger, BlueChorus, BlueDelay, BlueMultiTap, BlueParamEQ, BlueFilter, BlueGate, BlueCompressor, BlueReverb, and BlueStereo. I’m not sure if they work in Windows 7 and 8….

Download Blueline Plugin Pack (1.84 MB)

I’ll post links to more “old vst plugins” soon….